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Protozoa are the eukaryotic unicellular organisms with asexual mode of reproduction.  And also show characteristic type of reproduction like autogamy & endomyxis too. Protozoans have better adaptations to survive even in unfavourable conditions.

Now read the following questions and answers and suggest some more questions for the aspirants for competitive exams. Please help us rectify the mistakes and improve the content.


1) What is reproduction?
A) Production of a new "offspring" or individual organisms from parents
2) In which kind of organisms cell division is said to be synonymous with reproduction?
A) Unicellular organisms
3) Which nucleus of Paramecium undergoes amitosis?
A) Macronucleus
4) What kind of cell division is required for binary fission in eukaryotes?
A) Mitosis
5) How is a single population formed from fission is described?
A) Clones
6) How many daughter cells are formed due to binary fission?
A) Two cells
7) Why is Amoeba proteus can be called “immortal”?
A) As it does not die due to natural death on it sown, due to binary fission
8) What is the common type of reproduction in free living protozoans during favourable conditions?
A) Binary fission
9) What is the time gap between two genetations in Amoeba proteus during ideal conditions?
A) 30 minutes to 1 hour
10) What kind of reproduction is common in Euglena?
A) Longitudinal binary fission
11) Euglena divides into two daughter individuals, where one is the plane mirror image of the other. How is this kind of division described?
A) Symmetrogenic division
12) What kind of asexual reproduction takes place in Paramecium?
A) Transverse binary fission
13) What is the ploidy of the macronucleus in Paramecium?
A) Polyploid
14) What is the ploidy of the micronucleus in Paramecium?
A) Diploid
15) How is called the nucleus that is responsible for inheritance from one generation to the other?
A) Generative or germline nucleus
16) Which is the generative nucleus in Paramecium?
A) Micronucleus
17) Which is the non-generative nucleus in Paramecium?
A) Macronucleus
18) By which process micronucleus is divided in Paramecium?
A) Mitosis
19) By which process macronucleus is divided in Paramecium?
A) Amitosis
20) What kind of asexual reproduction is seen in Entamoeba?
A) Binary fission
21) What are the two forms of Entamoeba developed due to binary fission?
A) Minuta forms & Magnaforms
22) What kind of reproduction occurs in Amoeba during unfavourable conditions?
A) Multiple fission & sporulation
23) How are called daughter cells within an Amoeba?
A) Amoebulae
24) How many amoebulae are formed from an Amoeba due to one multiple fission?
A) 500-600
25) What kind of reproduction does take place in an encysted Amoeba or Euglena cell?
A) Multiple fission
26) What is the multiple fission without encystation?
A) Sporulation
27) What are the spores of Amoeba?
A) Pseudopodiospores
28) What is the process of multiple fission in Plasmodium?
A) Schizogony
29) What is the process of  the formation of spirozoites from zygote in Plasmodium? A) Sporogony
30) What is the process of formation of a thick wall around Amoeba or Euglena  during unfavourable conditions?
A) Encystment
31) Name a protozoan with a tetranucleate cyst.
A) Entamoeba histolytica
32) Name a protozoan that exhibits palmelloid stage?
A) Euglena
33) What is actually a  Palmella?
A) An algal genus
34) What are the cells that take part in sexual reproduction?
A) Gametes
35) What is the zygote of the malarial parasite, Plasmodium?
A) Ookinete
36) What is the encysted zygote of the malarial parasite,  Plasmodium?
A) Oocyst
37) Where does sexual reproduction of Plasmodium take place?
A) Midgut of mosquito 
38) What is the fusion of the daughter protoplasts of the same cell without liberation?
A) Autogamy
39) What is the sexual method of reproduction in Paramecium?
A) Conjugation or autogamy
40) What is the chief purpose of autogamy in Paramecium?
A) Rejuvenation of lost vitality due to repeated fissions
41) Which nucleus of Paramecium is involved in conjugation?
A) Micronucleus
42) What kind of cell division is compulsory for conjugation in Paramecium? A) Meiosis
43) What is the sexual method of reproduction in Paramecium aurelia where  internal nuclear reorganization occurs?
A) Endomixis
44) In which organisms autogamy is common?
A) Diatoms, dinoflgellates, Paramecium
45) Which part of the cut Amoeba cell regenerates into a new Amoeba?
A) Nuclear part
46) What is the ability of organisms to survive  unfavourable conditions?
A) Perennation
47) What is a series of changes in form that an organism undergoes, returning to the starting state?
A) Life cycle
48) Which is the simplest and most primitive type of life-cycle?
A) Haplontic life cycle

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