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Microbodies are the single celled organelles in living cells performing varied functions. Some of these organelles are peroxisomes, sphaerosomes, glyoxisomes, glycosomes, etc.

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1) Name the enzyme in Peroxisomes that catalyses substances into hydrogen peroxide.
A) Oxidase
2) Name the enzymes that catalyses hydrogen peroxide into water.
A) Catalase & Peroxidase
3) In which process plants release carbon dioxide from 2 carbon compounds in hot sunlight?
A) Photorespiration
4) Who discovered peroxisomes?
A) Christian de Duve
5) In which organ peroxisomes were discovered for the first time?
A) Rat liver
6) Who gave the detailed description of peroxisomes for the first time?
A) J Rhodin
7) Which is the most abundant phospholipid in the myelin of nervous tissue?
A) Plasmalogen
8) What kind of enzymes are catalase and oxidase?
A)Oxidative enzymes
9) Which disease is caused due to uric acid accumulation?
A) Gout
10) Which organelle is involved in the detoxification of hydrogen peroxide?
A) Peroxisome
11) Which spherical organelle is meant exclusively for fat metabolism?
A) Sphaerosomes
12) Which organelle carries out glyoxylate cycle in peanuts, soybean and sunflower seeds?
A) Glyoxysome
13) Which parts of the leguminous plant are rich in glycosomes?
A) Root nodules
14) By which process fats are converted into sugars?
A) Glucogenesis
15) Who discovered glyoxysomes?
A) Breidenbach & Beevers
16) Which microbody is rich in glycolytic enzymes?
A) Glycosome
17) Who discovered glycosomes?
A) Scott & Still
18) How are the glycosomes of Trypanosoma and  Leishmania called?
A) Trypanosomes
19) What kind of cells possess non-membranous glycosomes?
A) Hepatocytes
20) What are the double membranous microbodies that resemble mitochondria?
A) Hydrogenosomes
21) Who discovered hydrogenosomes?
A) Lindmark & Muller

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