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The chief digestive organelle of the cell is the lysosome. It is the single membranous capsule containing hydrolytic enzymes. In the case of starvations it kills the entire cell, so it is also called as the suicidal bag of the cell.

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1) What are the waste disposal systems of the cell?
A) Lysosomes
2) Who discovered lysosomes?
A) Christian de Duve

3) Which mammalian cell does not contain lysosomes?
4) Name the fungus with lysosomes.
A) Neurospora
5) Name a monocot plant with lysosomes.
A) Maize

6) Which plant seedlings do possess lysosomes?
A) Tobacco

7) What kind of enzymes are associated with lysosomes?
A) Hydrolytic enzymes
8) How is the condition of existence of Lysosomes in different forms described?
A) Polymorphism
9) What are the newly formed lysosomes with inactive enzymes?
A) Primary Lysosomes or Storage Granules
10) What are the food vacuoles or phagosome containing  lysosomes?
A) Secondary Lysosomes or Digestive Vacuoles
11) What are the lysosomes with undigested food materials?
A) Residual Bodies
12) What kind of lysosomes are meant for destroying the starving cells?
A) Cytolysosomes or Autophagosomes
13) How is called the process of self-destruction of a cell?
A) Autolysis or Autophagy
14) What is the conducive pH for the activation of enzymes in lysosomes?
A) 4.5-5
15) How many kinds of enzymes are reported to be possibly associated with lysosomes?
A) 50 kinds of enzymes
16) What are the major hydrolytic enzymes of lysosomes?
A) Cathapsins
17) How are pathogens- engulphed lysosomes called?
A) Macrophages
18) What is the nickname of lysosomes?
A) Suicidal bags of the cell
19) Which cell organelle does produce lysosomes?
A) Golgi complex
20) What are the different hydrolytic enzymes in lysosomes?
A) Proteases,  Glycosidases, Lipases, Phospholipase, Phosphotases, Nucleases, Ribonucleases
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