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The secretory organelle in the eukaryotic cells is the golgi complex. It consists of flattened sac like structures called cisternae. It is the main packing and bottling factory in the cell.

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1) Which is the internal reticular apparatus?
A) Golgi apparatus
2) What are the other names of golgi apparatus?
A) Lipochondrion or Idiosomes
3) What is the common name of golgi apparatus?
A) Secretory organelles
4) Who discovered golgi apparatus?
A) Camello Golgi
5) Name the bird in whose nervous tissue Camello Golgi discovered golgi bodies?
A) Barn owl
6) Which mammalian cell is lack of golgi apparatus?
7) Which plant cell is lack of golgi apparatus?
A) Sieve tubes
8) What kind of endoplasmic reticulum gives off golgi bodies?
A) Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
9) What are the flattened bag like structures of golgi apparatus?
A) Cisternae or Saccules
10) What are the secretions carrying structures of golgi apparatus?
A) Secondary vesicles
11) What are the lysosomes forming structures of golgi apparatus?
A) Lysosomal vesicles
12) What are the branched structures of golgi apparatus?
A) Tubules
13)  What is the convex region of golgi apparatus that points towards endoplasmic reticulum or nucleus?
A) CGN - Cis Golgi Network
14) What is the concave region of endoplasmic reticulum that points towards the centriole?
A) TGN - Trans Golgi Network
15) What type of lysosomes are produced from golgi apparatus?
A) Primary Lysosomes
16) Which part of the sperm cell contains golgi apparatus to penetrate into the egg cell?
A) Acrosome
17) What is the first formed cell wall precursor by golgi apparatus during cytokinesis of cell division?
A) Cell plate
18) What are the different kinds of proteins secreted by golgi apparatus?
A) Hormones, glycoproteins & lipoproteins
19) How is called the phenomenon of differentiation of cis- and trans-faces by golgi apparatus?
A) Structural polarity
20) What are the insectivorous plants with slime secretions from golgi apparatus?
A) Drosera ( Sundew plant) & Drosopgyllum  (Dewpine)
21) How is gogi apparatus of animal cells described?
A) Golgi ribbon
22) How is gogi apparatus nicknamed due to its proteins packing services?
A) Post office organelle
23) Which chemical is used for the proof test to know the functioning of golgi apparatus?
A) Brefeldin
24) By which process substances are transferred from endoplasmic reticulum to golgi apparatus?
A) Bulk flow
25) How are the discreet units of golgi bodies in plant cells called?
A) Dictyosomes

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