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The most important organelle in the world that acts as the food factory is the chloroplast. It is the green photosynthetic organelle meant for almost all food supply in the living world. It consists of a basic photosynthetic pigment called chlorophyll.

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1) Which is the green plastid?
A) Chloroplast
2) Who coined the word 'chloroplast'?
A) Schimper
3) How is the membrane around the chloroplast called?
A) Plastidial membrane
4) How is the space between two chloroplast membranes called?
A) Periplastidial space
5) What is the aqueous liquid substance in the chloroplast called?
A) Stroma
6) What is the genetic material in chloroplasts?
A) Circular double stranded DNA
7) How is the genome of chloroplasts called?
A) Plastidome
8) What kind of ribosomes are present in chloroplasts?
A) 70S ribosomes
9) What are the innermost membranous systems of the chloroplasts?
A) Thylakouds
10) Where are chlorophyll pigments situated in the chloroplasts?
A) On thylakoid membranes
11) How is the inner space of thylakoids called?
A) Lumen
12) What are the hearts of the photo systems on the thylakoid membrane?
A) Reaction centres
13) Which photosystem is more sensitive to the light waves of 700 nm?
A) Photosystem-I
14) Which photosystem is more sensitive to the light waves of 680 nm?
A) Photosystem-II
15) Which is the most important green pigment in all photosystems?
A) Chlorophyll-a
16) Name a group of pigments which increases light absorption by Photo systems.
A) Light Harvesting Complex  (LHC)
17) Which technique is used to study both surfaces of thylakoid membranes?
A) Freeze fracturing technique
18) How is called a pile of thylakoids in the stroma of chloroplasts?
A) Granum
19) What are the units of a granum?
A) Granum thylakoids
20) What are the intergranal connections?
A) Frets, Stroma Thylakouds or Intergranal lamellae
21) Which photosynthetic phase occurs in grana?
A) Light reaction or photophosphorylation
22) Which photosynthetic phase occurs in the stroma of chloroplasts?
A) Light independentreaction or dark reaction
23) How are carbohydrates stored in the chloroplasts?
A) Starch grains
24) What are the osmium salt containing dots in the stroma of chloroplasts?
A) Osmophilic granules
25) Which is the most abundant protein in the plant world?
A) Rubisco
26) Which alga has spiral ribbon shaped chloroplast?
A) Spirogyra
27) Which alga has star shaped chloroplasts?
A) Zygnema
28) Name the scientist who is famous for studies on thylakoid membranes?
A) Menke
29) What is the photosynthetic unit on thylakoid membranes?
A) Quantosome
30) Who discovered quantosome?
A) Park & Beggins
31)  What are the products of quantosome?
32) What is the universal green pigment?
A) Chlorophyll-a
33) How many chlorophyll molecules are present per a quantosome?
A) 250
34) Which epidermal cells do possess choloroplasts?
A) Guard cells
35) How is the phenomenon of existence of two types of chloroplasts described?
A) Dimorphism (Dimorphic chloroplasts)
36) Which part of the leaf of C4 leaves have chloroplasts without grana?
A) Bundle sheath
37) What is the central element of a chlorophyll molecule?
A) Magnesium
38) What is the basic structure of a chlorophyll molecule?
A) Porphyrin ring
39) What is the tail end of a chlorophyll molecule?
A) Phytol chain
40) What is the ratio of chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b in chloroplasts?
A) 3:1
41) What is the chlorophyll like structure in animals?
A) Heme protein
42) How many membranous systems are there per a chloroplasts?
A) 3 membranous systems
43) Which alga has cup-shaped chloroplasts?
A) Chlamydomonas
44) What are the functional and structural units of protein complexes involved in photosynthesis?
A) Photosystems
45) What are the lipoprotein subcompartments of the chloroplast that are permanently coupled to thylakoid membranes and contain biosynthetic enzymes?
A) Plastoglobulins
46) What are the inter-connections between chloroplasts?
A) Stromules
47) Who discovered chloroplasts?
A) Julius Von Sachs
48) Which symbiotic organism is said to exist as a chloroplast in eukaryotic cells?
A) Cyanobacteria  (Bluegreen alga)
49) Which theory does explain the origin of chloroplasts?
A) Endosymbiotic theory
50) What are the organelles within organelles?
A) Ribosomes
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